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The Lake County Energy Plan was developed in 2011 by a diverse group of stakeholders to address solutions to energy, waste and transportation issues.  The overall goal of the plan is to use energy efficiency and clean energy as tools to revitalize Lake County.  Action items are aimed at:

Reducing county-wide energy use in buildings by 20% below 2009 levels by 2020.

Increasing the amount of clean, renewable energy produced and used in Lake County.

Reducing vehicle miles traveled and fuel used in Lake County.

Increasing waste diversion in Lake County.

For more information on the Lake County Energy Plan Click Here

Questions or comments: Contact Lynne Greene, Cloud City Conservation Center 

(719) 465- 6164 

Or to view our wesite at
Do you have questions about solar, recycling or other efforts that Lake County is making to reduce energy consumption? We have provided a link to answer any questions or concerns on this.  Please Click Here.


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